What I'm all about

I'm a dedicated and enthusiastic creative that has a true passion for words. 

With over 5 years of experience writing in the technology industry and a degree in English Language & Linguistics, I am able to take even the most complex of topics and make it engaging, interesting and palatable for consumer audiences of all types. My meticulous nature makes editing a breeze, and I can turn a phrase to suit any situation. 

Some of my customers include Microsoft, Pure Recharge, Instant Technologies and Trueleads, as well as some beauty & lifestyle brands that have offered some fun diversions from the tech world. 

 I also offer CV editorial services for clients looking to change their career path or find something new. My high success rate for clients speaks for itself, and samples of CV and resume editorials can be provided on request.


My Latest Work

trueleads logo.png

Trueleads automated messaging

Working with Trueleads and their clients, I help design and create strong, sales-focused messaging to use on Linkedin. With an aim to grow connections and garner new leads and opportunities, I ensure each and every client has personalised, bespoke automated messaging to help them with their B2B sales approach.

Echologyx company logo

Echologyx website redesign

Echologyx are a forward-thinking tech company that were in desperate need of a new website to show just how good they were. That's where I came in. Working with them to define specifics and create the perfect content for their customers, I crafted their website and was able to give them an entire redesign that helped their company shine. Check out their site, linked in the image.

image for portfolio.PNG

Pure Recharge Amazon sales listings

Pure Recharge are an independent business with plenty of content requirements. One key component of their sales process is utilising Amazon, and as part of this they needed a strong, well written and expertly crafted Amazon listing page. Working with them on their core benefits and features, I crafted a page designed to improve conversion and increase sales. 


Microsoft Partner Network pack creation

When Instant Technologies developed their newest offering, they needed support marketing and advertising it to Microsoft. By creating a sales pitch deck, one-pager, information brochure and marketing messaging aligned with the Microsoft Partner Network requirements, I helped them to develop their solution and sell it in wider Microsoft circles.

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